"Rust Lung, Imulsion sickness. Cases have been popping up all over since the Lightmass Bombing. Sure is a horrible way for a warrior to die."
"Uh, contagious?"
"They say it's not, but I would keep my distance."
"No argument here.
— Tai and Dom discussing Rust Lung.

Rust Lung was condition brought on by the inhalation of Imulsion vapor. It began spreading among the human population of Sera a few months after the initial detonation of the Lightmass Bomb, which vaporized much of the liquid Imulsion beneath the planet's surface.

The disease infected many Gears (Including Echo-Nine) and Stranded alike. The disease likely got its name from the brown liquid that is coughed up/vomited which has a rusty brown color (coined either by Nash or Barrick). Its symptoms include brown and red phlegm, vomiting, trouble breathing, and coughing. When Marcus and Dom travel through the Imulsion fumes they too could also develop it. The COG administration covered up the effects of Rust Lung for unknown reasons.

Ambulance Driver's logEdit

Driver: Wayne Mitchell Route: Timgad/Jacinto

Patient #1: 33 yr. old male Symptoms: Coughing up blood & brown mucus, nausea, minor bleeding from ears

Patient #2: 21 yr. old male Symptoms: Nausea, coughing up blood & reddish-brown mucus

Patient #3: 36 yr. old female Symptoms: Unconscious, blood & reddish-brown mucus coming from nose & mouth

Patient #4: 24 yr. old male Symptoms: Coughing up blood & dark brown mucus, complaining of severe chest pain & trouble breathing

Jacinto Medical Center FileEdit

Patient is a 29-year veteran who has recently experienced vertigo, persistent cough, and insomnia. Was stationed at Timgad area for 2 months after Lightmass offensive, when assigned to Jacinto perimeter patrol last 4 months. Symptoms began about 1 month ago. Physical and diagnostic evaluation showed no chronic illnesses and no signs of bacterial infection. Prescribed a medium-strength antihistamine, released patient, and gave clearance for further duty. Expect a full recovery with no side effects.

Dr. Vivian Merriweather

Doctor's JournalEdit

Dr. Merriweather mentioned that she's seen numerous patients exhibiting similar symptoms, even paranoia and aggression, but she appears to be less concerned than the rest of us. I'm starting to wonder whether her close ties to the COG administration could be affecting her judgment about the patients' welfare. Going to follow up on this with the director tomorrow... If we aren't taking care of our soldiers, who will?


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